How do I break through a weight loss plateau...

My friend,


You are working super hard, doing Cardio, Dieting, resisting all the yummy treats but you are still stuck at the same weight and frustrated....

Here are some things to consider to help break this plateau:

Intermittent Fasting ( Create a 16 hour fasted window within in a 24 hour period) 

  • Allows body to burn through the food in your system and use it as fuel
  • Helps with insulin resistance
  • When your body does not have fuel present (food) it needs and energy source. 
  • When insulin is low while in a fasted state your #1 Fat Burning and Muscle Building Hormone Growth Hormone sky rockets

Switch to HIIT Cardio ( Download the Tabata APP)

  • HIIT Style cardio helps your body ignite your fat burning process all day

Lift Weights for Fat Burning

  • Weight bearing exercises is one of the best glycogen depletion exercises, once you deplete glycogen your body needs a fuel source..... The fat cell is filled with glucose an abundant energy sources.

Make sure you are  eating enough, one common mistake is people under eat and this does more damage than good.

  • Our body is like a race car it needs the proper fuel to win the race, imagine a race car going all in with low fluid..... what would happen?

Consume enough protein and supplement with a good BCA

  • We get branch chain amino acids from the protein we consume
  • BCAA is the break down of the aminos that build muscle, the more muscle we have the faster our metabolism


Looking for a great BCAA?


Try adding a couple of these tips or heck do them all and blast through that weigh loss plateau:)

Talk Soon,

Coach JV 

CEO 3T Fitness




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